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Easyproperty is a property listing website and company established with the major purpose of making the process of finding a property easy for both agents and customers!

As a registered customer or guest, simply go through our list of properties in the homepage or search for a property with our easy search box. You can filter propertues based on state, locality, category etc. As a registered customer, you can always leverage our Easyproperty Property Finder feature to delegate the responsibility of finding a genuine property to us. We assign this task to our trusted and verified property agents who takes the responsibility of finding the property for you at your choice location! Read more about this on the property finder tab!

First you must be registered as an agent on our website. You can click on the submit property page to and you will see an easy interface to fill out your property details. We also have video tutorials to helpyou with this process which you will find on your dashboard

A Property Finder helps buyers and renters to find the right property for them and negotiate the best price

Easyproperty Property Finder is employed by you, the property buyer, to help with your purchase. The Property Finder is paid to find the best property for you and to negotiate the best price.

Easyproperty Property Finders specialise in searching for the ideal property for their specific client. All you have to do is tell them what you want from your perfect home or business location, and they will find it for you. They use their extensive network of local contacts and knowledge to find the right property, even those that haven't been put on the market

The main benefit of using a Property Finder is to have someone sourcing and negotiating process for you. They will act in your best interests as the buyer and use their experience and expertise to find the best properties and negotiate the best price. A property finder should also be able to connect you with properties that are not in the open market. This is often the case with prime properties. Easyproperty Property Finder should have an extensive network of contacts so they can connect you with the best opportunities.

A Property Finder fee is the money charged by aProperty Finder for them to find and negotiate the purchase of your property. Our fee is from 15,000 to 50,000 naira

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